Dear Jeff: My husband and I have been married for 28 years.  I’m not happy in the marriage and would like a divorce.  But, my husband says that everything is in his name and he would leave me penniless.  I’m scared and frustrated.  Can he really leave me with nothing a...

Dear Jeff: My husband and I want to get divorced. But, if we get divorced, can I keep the house? 
— Love My House

Dear Love My House: In any New Hampshire divorce that involves real estate, you have essentially three options.  The first option is that you place that hou...

Family Legal Services, P.C. continues to provide free phone consultations to those seeking help with family law and divorce cases. 

And, although our Law Firm remains open to their existing and new clients, we are continuing to offer legal consultations by phone or Zoo...

We’ve all been led to believe that disputes over money is the number one cause of divorce.  But, is it really?  And, are the causes of divorce different, at least to some degree, in each state.  

Well, let’s take a look and see.  Right now, disputes over money...

If you have been involved in a New Hampshire Divorce, or Parenting Petition case, and now want to relocate with your child, you will need to follow the statutory steps laid out in NH RSA 461-A:12.  This is the “Relocation of a Residence of a Child” statute.


Dear Jeff: About a month ago, when I was in the shower, my wife went through my phone and found out that I have been sexting with someone.  We’ve been married for seven years and I’ve never cheated on her.  I don’t even know, and have never met, this person I have been...

Dear Jeff: For quite some time now, I had been thinking that I wanted a divorce from my husband. We have been married for 14 years, and have two children together.  For over a year the marriage has felt very strained.  We are both very busy and no longer talk much.  W...

New Hampshire Divorce Attorney, Jeff Runge, takes you through a Marriage Exercise aimed at opening couples' communication and re-igniting the spark that initially brought couples together. Jeff understands that all too often couples simply stop communicating - at least...

New Hampshire Attorney Jeff Runge addresses a common question that he receives almost daily in his Divorce practice, "Should I get Divorced?" Attorney Runge reviews the factors and situations to consider when thinking about getting divorced. Remember, everyone's situat...

Parents in divorce or parenting actions involving children under the age of 18 will attend a First Appearance session soon after their case is filed at a family division court.   

Information about the court process and the important role of parents in this process...

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