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Meet Our Team

At Family Legal, our Attorneys focus on listening to the unique needs of our clients. Our Firm is viewed at a premier New Hampshire Divorce & Family Law Firm and that is largely due to the incredible and detailed services our clients receive from our Attorneys and staff.

Jeff Runge - 2021.jpg

Founder and Managing Partner

Jeffrey A. Runge, Esquire

Contact Attorney Runge:

Direct Dial:  (603) 225-1135


Jay Markell.JPG

Senior Attorney

Jay Markell, Esquire

Contact Attorney Markell:

Direct Dial:    (603) 225-0127


Sandra Kuhn.JPG

Vice President and Partner

Sandra A. Kuhn, Esquire

Contact Attorney Kuhn:


Direct Dial:    (603) 226-7911


Dave Bailinson05.jpg

Senior Attorney

David Bailinson, Esquire

Contact Attorney Bailinson:


Direct Dial:    (603) 225-3360


Call Our Office Today

There is no need to hold off on speaking with an Attorney - we are just a phone call away.

Main Office - (603) 225-1114

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