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Jeffrey A. Runge, Esquire

Founder | Manging Partner 

MA Bar Association

MA Federal Bar Association

NH Bar Association

NH Federal Bar Association

Direct:  (603) 225-1135

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Attorney Jeffrey A. Runge is the Founder and Managing Partner of FAMILY LEGAL. He has been practicing for decades and is a recognized leader in the areas of Divorce and Family Law in New Hampshire. Having been raised by a single parent, Attorney Runge brings to the Firm an untiring work ethic, one that is reminiscent of a bygone era. 


Divorce & Family Law 

As an experienced New Hampshire trial Attorney, Jeffrey Runge knows what qualities are important in his professional area of legal practice.  Legal knowledge for sure, but also what he calls “intangible traits” that separate great lawyers from the pack. “I believe my ability to communicate with others, and specifically my ability to have compassion for people, allows me to not only establish a great rapport with my clients, but also a relationship based on trust,” Attorney Runge says. “Those two qualities combined strengthen my ability to help clients through very difficult and emotional times.” 

Attorney Runge focuses his practice in the areas of Divorce & Family Law.  Both areas encompass some of the most difficult and emotional legal situations that individuals and families will ever face.  Attorney Runge focusses on establishing a partnership with his clients; he says, "we are a team and we fight together to accomplish their ultimate goals.”


Approach To Each Case

As a husband and Father, Attorney Runge understands the importance of family.  He understands the importance of cooperative parenting to nurture the children and to preserve the framework of a coherent family post divorce.  With this understanding, Attorney Runge typically approaches his clients’ legal objectives with appropriate advocacy techniques.  However, when needed, he can be a tough negotiator and litigator for his clients.  Runge says that, “knowing how to approach these sensitive situations takes years of experience.  You have to understand people, their motives, and how and when to react properly.  This is not something you learn in law school, nor is this something you can necessarily be taught.  You can only obtain this knowledge through years and years of experience in handling these types of cases.”


Why Attorney Runge

Attorney Runge offers an initial Consultation at no charge.  He does this so individuals can meet with him to understand their options and determine if legal assistance is necessary.  Attorney Runge uses these Consultations to listen to the individual’s story, to identify their objectives, and, if necessary, to help them map out a legal strategy.  Attorney Runge explains that “each client is different and each case is unique.  I take the time up-front to understand my clients’ position.  I sit with them at no charge initially to determine what is important to them in their particular case.  If they need an experienced advocate, I am there for them”.


Areas of Practice:

·         Divorce & Family Law

·         High Net Worth Divorce Cases Involving Asset Division

·         Complex Divorce Cases Involving Business Ownership 

·         Collaborative Law


Bar Admissions:

·         Massachusetts Federal Bar Association

·         Massachusetts Bar Association

·         New Hampshire Bar Association

·         New Hampshire Federal Bar Association



Attorney Runge earned his B.S. from Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire in the area of International Business Administration. He earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, Massachusetts, where he was a member of their Law Review.  

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