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Jay Markell

Senior Attorney | Director
NH Bar Association
NH Federal Bar Association
MA Bar Association
MA Federal Bar Association
Direct:  (603) 226-7911



Jay Markell is a Senior Attorney with FamilyLegal.  With a focus in the areas of Divorce and family law, Attorney Markell began his long career initially as a solo practitioner, assisting clients in New Hampshire and Massachusetts with a variety of legal matters.  However, believing in the core fundamentals that comprise FamilyLegal, Attorney Markell was one of the first Attorneys to become affiliated with the Firm upon its conception and he has been instrumental in the Firm’s development and reputation as an industry leader.

Clients And Friends - It's All The Same

To be an effective attorney, your client must believe in you and your abilities.  Clients need to be comfortable with their attorney and there needs to be a sincere level of trust.  As Attorney Markell explains, “when I meet with a client I approach them like I would my best friend.  I listen to their story and offer my honest thoughts and opinions as to their legal options.   There is no sales pitch.  The focus is not on how great I am as an attorney or how much money you will need to pay me.  The focus is on how I can help you through this serious legal issue.”  

“The focus of my legal practice typically involves representing clients involved in difficult Family Law matters, such as divorce and custody.  My clients are fighting for the things that touch the core of their existence, their children, homes, bank accounts, retirement and, personal possessions.”  In these cases, if Attorney Markell is unable to reach a favorable settlement, it is his job to fight to protect his client’s rights and advance their position.  His clients value his drive, no nonsense strategies, and his can-do attitude.  His positive enthusiasm is fueled by his own knowledge and belief in his abilities as an attorney.  

Attorney Markell understands the important role he plays in his client’s lives.  Because of this you won’t hear excuses from him why the job was not done, or why your telephone calls were not returned.  His commitment to his clients is unparalleled each and every day.  Attorney Markell offers a Free Consultation to all new clients.  This Consultation allows him to sit down with individuals, listen to their story, discuss their options and, if necessary, map out effective strategies.  His legal strategies are custom tailored to each client’s specific situation and are designed to aggressively bring about results.         


Family Law requires a different set of skills and experience, and frequently some types of issues surface in family law. One of the more unfortunate and all too present issues is domestic violence.  Domestic violence breaks up families, scars children, and has far reaching affects that can ripple through families for years. 

Coupled with many years of non lawyer experience, Attorney Markell brings a world of experience to the family law practice area.  He explains, “Clients are more than just papers filed with a court, and more than just faces. Clients must know that there is hope in light of their current situation and that their Attorney understands their needs and will effectively work to appropriately resolve their outstanding issues.” 

Your choice of an attorney is a very personal decision when it involves virtually any legal matter.  For an effective attorney-client relationship, there must be a good attorney client “fit.”  This means the attorney should understand the client’s needs, with real world experience and exposure to real world and life issues. This is a great aid to the client’s case. It also greatly aids in the successful resolution of the case.  

Before devoting his attention to law full time, Attorney Markell started and ran a successful division of a consumer packaged goods division of a well known paper company.  Attorney Markell’s successful business career included service in various senior positions, including Vice President of Sales of a toy and stationery company where superior negotiating skills help deliver results. It is this kind of real world experience that helps bring real solutions to real problems, and delivers successful results for the client. 

Areas of Practice:
•    Family Law
•    Civil Litigation

•    Criminal Law and Criminal Appeals 

Bar Admissions:
•    Massachusetts Bar Association 
•    Massachusetts Federal Bar Association
•    New Hampshire Bar Association
•    New Hampshire Federal Bar Association

Attorney Markell earned his B.A. from the State University of New York in Plattsburgh, New York.  And, he earned his Law Degree from the Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, Massachusetts.  Attorney Markell is a member of the Criminal Justice Panel and the United States Court of Appeal, First Circuit. He is also a member of the United States District Court in New Hampshire as well as a former member of the  Essex County Bar Advocates, Inc., in Essex County, Massachusetts. Fluent in Spanish, Attorney Markell is co-editor of the Employment Severance Answer Book, 1999 Supplement, and the Employment Severance Answer Book, 2000 Supplement, Panel Publishers, div. Aspen Publishing. 

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