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Greg Kalpakgian

Greg Kalpakgian is an experienced New Hampshire Attorney who focuses his practice in the following areas of law:

•    Divorce & Family Law

•    Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 & 13 

•    Wills & Estate Planning

He offers a Free Initial Consultation. There is no cost or obligation. However, this Consultation allows him the opportunity to review your current situation and offer you appropriate and effective options to meet your specific case objectives.


Call today to discuss your case:

Greg Kalpakgian, Esquire

(603) 225-3360

Greg Kalpakgian


When a client is looking for a hard working and responsible advocate, one that will listen to their needs and work hard to advance their case, they look to Attorney Greg Kalpakgian.  Attorney Kalpakgian is exactly what you want when selecting a legal partner.  He possesses the legal experience and knowledge of a top-notch attorney, but when combined with his tireless work ethic, he stands above the rest.

Attorney Kalpakgian initially came to our Firm with a strong and diverse legal background.  Having worked initially in a small local law firm, Attorney Kalpakgian was exposed to a variety of legal matters.  With this background in mind, he knew he wanted to focus his legal practice in more narrow and specific areas of the law.  Areas of law where he had a strong interest and knew he could make a difference in the lives he touched.    

Attorney Kalpakgian he set out to become affiliated with a law firm that was highly respected and would offer him the ability to be the best attorney possible.  He immediately focused on FAMILYLEGAL.  His reasoning was simple, “The attorneys at our Firm are highly respected in the legal community and they are considered one of the top progressive law firms in the area.  They focus on the business of law.  That means they value their clients and work hard to exceed their expectations in every way possible.  This is the mind-set that I understood.  In every case I take I always want to prove my value to my clients.  I want my clients to leave at the end of their case knowing that the best decision they made was hiring me.  That is what drives me as a professional.” 
It Starts Here

Times are tough right now.  The economy has brought many individuals and families to their knees financially.  As many face these unparalleled financial times, we are seeing that the end result is a whole host of effects on society.  Of course, many individuals and families are driven to the point where they must consider bankruptcy.  This is often the only way to more forward in life without the constant stress of bill collectors, threats of foreclosure and repossession and homelessness. 

But, there are a number of other social impacts of the current crisis.  Specifically, these stressors are tearing families apart.  Divorce is at an all-time high, as individuals are beaten down by factors outside of their immediate control.  Individuals in these difficult situations need a legal advocate that they can count on.  They need an advocate who will listen to them and offer compassion and hope.  And, one that will work with them to resolve the situation so they can effectively move forward in their life.

“In my practice I initially see people at their worse.  My objective is always to see what positive change I can bring to their lives through my professional efforts.  FAMILYLEGAL gives me that opportunity each and every day.  Every day is a challenge.  My clients are handing over to me the biggest problems in their lives and they need me to fix them immediately.  I could not imagine a better job.”  His clients value his listening skills, work-ethic, and his positive attitude.    

Attorney Kalpakgian understands the important role he plays in his client’s lives.  Because of this your telephone calls get answered.  Your questions and concerns get addressed.  Attorney Kalpakgian offers a Free Initial Consultation to all new clients.  This Consultation allows him to sit down with individuals, listen to their story, discuss their options and, if necessary, map out effective strategies.  His legal strategies are custom tailored to each client’s specific situation and are designed to bring about positive results.         
Give Me Your Hand
As a firm believer in client service, Attorney Kalpakgian brings a unique philosophy to his practice.  “My focus is on my clients’ needs.  If they are overwhelmed, it is my job to take them by the hand and lead them through the legal process and to the other side.  Once my clients know they have a true partner in their case, they begin to have hope that there will be an end to this battle.  As they develop hope, you can see their thinking change.  They become more positive that perhaps their current situation is only a ‘bump-in-the-road’ and things will get better soon.  At this point, my clients are willing, once again, to attack their case with me for the best possible results.  

As an example of his client service approach, Attorney Kalpakgian remembers a case where a woman wanted to divorce her husband.  “Although her husband was successful, he was verbally abusive to my client, especially when he had been drinking.  My client simply could not take the abuse any more.  I remember her telling me that she did not want her three (3) children to grow up thinking this is how you treat a woman.  She was so scared.  She did not know if she could finally go through with the divorce.  She feared being penniless and homeless with this children.  Or worse, that he would get custody of the children.  I immediately got involved and filed her Petition with the Court.  We worked together through every aspect of the case.  I argued my client’s case and Court allowed her to stay in the marital house with the children.  She received considerable child support and alimony.  Her husband had to pay the debts and received reasonable parenting time with the children.  My client was empowered by the outcome.  She was now in control of her life and direction.  She felt good about herself again.”

Cases like this, Attorney Kalpakgian says, are what make this the “best job in the world.” 

Areas of Practice
•    Divorce & Family Law
•    Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 & 13 

•    Wills & Estate Planning

Bar Admissions
•    New Hampshire Bar Association
•    New Hampshire Federal Bar Association 

Attorney Kalpakgian earned his B.A. from Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, his M.A. from the University of Dallas, Dallas, Texas.  Additionally, he earned his Law Degree from Ave Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

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