With a century of combined legal experience, our Attorneys understand that clients don't want to hear excuses - they want results.  That's why THOUSANDS of people have turned to FAMILYLEGAL for experienced, affordable, and compasionate representation.  Our comittment to our clients has made us a premier New Hampshire Family Law Firm.  What other firm can say that?



You may be contemplating filing for Divorce. Or, you may be already facing a Divorce and need some help.  You have questions...concerns...both. You are scouring the internet for answers. You don't want to hire, or even speak to, an Attorney (no one does), but you may have to.  You can't tell a good Attorney from a bad one.  You don't want to spend a just need help.


STOP!  That's right...STOP!  You can stop looking.  You've found what you were looking for.  You can stop wondering - we will answer your questions.  You can stop worrying - we can help you. There is no cost or obligation to speak with one of our experienced Divorce Attorneys about your situation.  Just pick up the phone, dial (603) 225-1114, and say, "I need to speak with an Attorney."  It's that easy.


FAMILYLEGAL is probably one of the most sophisticated and experienced Divorce Law firms in the country. Don’t be fooled by the competition. There are many recent law school graduates and other inexperienced attorneys practicing in the areas of Divorce & Family Law. These can be complex areas of law that requires specific legal knowledge and experience. You may not want to risk your future, and your family’s future, on a rookie Attorney.


After the experience of an Attorney, you need to look at the cost.  Look, it doesn’t matter if you find a great Attorney if you simply can’t afford their services. At FAMILYLEGAL we work hard to keep our fees very affordable. We understand that you are going through a difficult and emotional time, and we do not want to add to this stress by charging sky-high fees. In fact, our fees are consistently below those of our competitors because we are much more efficient due, in part, to our Proprietary technology and large volume of cases. It is amazing to us that our competitors can actually get away with charging clients $550.00, $600.00, or even $700.00 OR MORE an hour for Attorney fees. At FAMILYLEGAL there are no ridiculous hourly rates or retainer fees. Our fees are designed to allow you to obtain immediate legal representation and protection of your rights and interests.  We have witnessed over the last several years that Divorce consumers are becoming smarter when shopping for a competent attorney. Many consumers now realize that the entire process can best be handled by a law firm that leads the industry in quality, experience and affordability.This realization has made FAMILYLEGAL one of the premier Divorce & Family Law providers in New Hampshire.


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Save up to 50% or more over our competitors prices when you work with us.



Trying to save a few bucks by selecting a rookie attorney may not be the best decision.  You want experienced, aggressive, and affordable representation in your divorce.  That's us.  To find a better lawyer simply click here:



You know you have questions.  You're freaking out. You're worried.  You're scared. You can't sleep.  Your family is everything to you. Make the right decision and speak with an experienced professional.



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