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Children are the most important members of any family, and we understand that it is important to maintain stability and routine in their lives to ensure that they don’t experience any additional trauma or feelings of instability or insecurity.  We understand that you want to protect your children in the best way possible, and the experienced Child Custody Attorneys at Family Legal can use their considerable knowledge and experience in the area of Child Custody modification to help you do that. 


Sometimes it is necessary to change the custody arrangement for various reasons.  These changes can sometimes be more urgent than other types of modification, especially if one parent feels that their children are in danger for some reason.  Changes in circumstances that could result in the child suffering or being put in a situation that is not conducive to stability and routine in a child’s life could be grounds for custody modification.

If you are concerned about your child’s welfare, it is extremely important that you speak with one of the experienced Child Custody Attorneys at Family Legal as soon as possible to discuss your options.  Your child’s well-being is our first priority, and our Attorneys have worked on countless Custody Modification cases.


Courts are generally hesitant to change custody Orders once they have been set in place unless it can be proven that the changes meet s specific statutory criteria.  For example, if the primary residence of the child has become an environment of any type of abuse, whether it is verbal, sexual, physical, emotional or otherwise, this can be grounds to change the custody to a safer and more stable environment.  The experienced Child Custody Attorneys at Family Legal always have your child’s best interests at heart, and together we can help you work through the process to get your children moved to a better situation. 

The courts will always look at the situation involved, and it is very important that you understand the complex process behind modifying a custody agreement.  We have worked in the field of Child Custody and Custody Modification for decades, and we have the experience necessary to help you navigate and effectuate these changes.  We will aggressively defend your rights and those of your children.  We believe that children should be protected and helped, and we will work with you towards that goal.


If you're facing a Child Custody Modification issue, contact us today and speak with one of our experienced New Hampshire Attorneys. With our knowledge and legal expertise, we can help you find the right custody solution for your family.

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