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Divorce & Family Law are highly complex areas of law that touch the very foundation of your life.  Don't go it alone! 


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There's a lot to learn if your are thinking about a Divorce.  But, the first step is to start preparing. You never want to proceed blindly.  Once you have reviewed our Resources please give us a call so we can answer your questions and get you pointed in the right direction.



Divorce, in simplest legal terms, is the end of a marriage. But the experienced New Hampshire Divorce & Family Law Attorneys at Family Legal understand that divorce is much more than that. In fact, the decision to seek a divorce is one of the most difficult choices you'll face in your lifetime, with social, financial and emotional impacts for everyone in the family.

Whatever your circumstances are, our highly skilled and experienced New Hampshire Divorce & Family Law  Attorneys are here to help you through these troubling times. In a simple divorce, we make sure your rights are protected as both parties come to an agreeable settlement. And if your case must go to Court, we have the knowledge and legal expertise to fight for the outcome you deserve.




Some of the most complex divorces that exist are high net worth divorces. High net worth divorces require the expertise of a high net worth divorce lawyer who can help the spouses transition smoothly and effectively into the next phase of their lives. Since these types of divorces usually encompass large estates, property, and assets, it is crucial to hire a New Hampshire high net worth divorce lawyer who is seasoned in this area. With so much on the line, it is vital to secure and protect your assets and children throughout these proceedings. The best way to protect your best interests is to hire a skilled high net worth divorce lawyer.


The process of sorting through and dividing all marital and nonmarital assets, property, and debts is a significant part of getting divorced. Before moving forward with a dissolution of marriage in the state of New Hampshire, it is wise to talk to a divorce lawyer about how to proceed. Asset and property division can prompt contentious disputes. The process can be even more complicated in high net worth divorces. In addition to assisting with asset division, a family lawyer can help ensure that the division is equitable. It is important to find an attorney who can adequately assess your property. An accurate asset valuation can safeguard your right to fair property division.



While some divorces are truly amicable, even a "friendly" divorce can turn ugly.  Our experienced Divorce Attorneys recognize the financial and emotional importance of reaching the most agreeable settlement in the simplest manner — and in the shortest time possible.  Whether your divorce is simple or complex, the our Attorneys work with you to find the best solution for your unique situation. They take the time to get to know you and understand your circumstances, and then help you determine the course of action that makes sense for you and your family. Every step of the way, we are there to advise you, and we will fight to protect your interests.




A Flat Fee divorce is often an option when you and your current spouse have an agreement about children, property, and all other issues.  If you can come to an agreement among yourselves, you may be eligible for a quick and inexpensive Flat Fee Divorce (also called an uncontested divorce).  The experienced New Hampshire Divorce Attorneys at Family Legal have helped thousands of clients through the process of a speedy uncontested divorce. 




Divorce and financial difficulties typically go hand-in-hand. At Family Legal, we're committed to providing you with the very best in legal representation at a price most can afford. Our fees are reflective of our years and experience in the field of New Hampshire Divorce & Family Law.

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