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We are certainly facing very uncertain times at the moment. With the Federal Government’s guidelines on social distancing and the state’s mandates against large gatherings, you will probably find yourself stuck at home with your significant other with seemingly no escape in sight. However, the mandated confinement is only the tip of the iceberg. Add in, the overwhelming financial stress that the Coronavirus is placing on individuals and families. In a blink of an eye, we went from the best economy that our Country has experienced in decades…possibly ever. To a situation where people are suddenly unemployed, or unable to work, and have no, or severely limited, income coming in to meet their financial obligations. Where even finding basic necessities like food products and toilet paper are overwhelming difficult and require full-time effort and a network of on-line community connections.

It goes without saying that when you combine mandated spousal confinement, with such overwhelming social stressors, with no end in sight, that you’re going to have relationship casualties. Marital relationships are much easier to navigate when both parties can get away to his/her job each day, and when there are the normal daily stressors to deal with. Typically, most see their spouses for a few hours each evening, where they share an evening meal and discuss the day’s events. Now, these same couples are forced to spend 24 hours every day together, while they watch their jobs, savings, and income dissipate. All this, with no real end in sight. Nothing could be worse for a marital relationship.

The country was already facing an increase in divorces due to the positive changes in the economy. During the Obama administrations, people faced employment uncertainty, their home equity and retirement accounts dwindled, which limited their ability to file for divorce. Now, under the current Trump administration, the economy has been prospering and has resulted in many unhappy couples being able to finally file for divorce. However, when you add the resulting effects of the Coronavirus to less than perfect marital relationships it becomes a recipe for marital disaster.

In speaking with a number of other New Hampshire Divorce Attorneys, they all share an expectation of a significant increase in divorce filings in New Hampshire once the Coronavirus situation concludes.

If you find yourself facing Divorce, please reach out to an Attorney who focuses their practice in the area of Divorce & Family Law.

To contact a New Hampshire Divorce & Family Law Attorney, please CLICK HERE or Call (603) 225-1114 or email me directly. Contact Information: Jeffrey A. Runge, Esquire Family Legal Services, P.C. Bio: CLICK HERE AVVO: CLICK HERE Direct Telephone: (603) 225-1135 Email: Website:

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