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Ted Nugent Sued By FAMILYLEGAL


Concord, New Hampshire. It has been a number of years since Ted Nugent graced the state of New Hampshire with his presence. That may be because the last time he entered the state, Attorney Jeffrey Runge, President and CEO of FAMILYLEGAL, had him legally served on behalf of his client.

At that time, Attorney Runge represented a young single mother in the state of New Hampshire whose child was fathered by The Motor-City Madman, Ted Nugent. The child, at the time, was eight (8) years old. Uncle Ted was playing a gig with ZZ Top at the Verizon Center in Manchester, NH. Attorney Runge sought to have him served in-hand at the conclusion of the concert. However, Ted tried to evade the Sheriff’s Department by running out a back door into an awaiting limousine. But, after a few more tries, the job was completed and Ted had been legally served.

The legal action was brought in the Strafford County Superior Court and sought, among other things, a reasonable component of child support. There was considerable media attention on this case. Each side was flooded with requests for interviews and insight. After a relentless legal battle by Attorney Runge, Ted Nugent, and his attorney, came to Concord, New Hampshire to meet with Attorney Runge at his Law Firm headquarters. The end result was a cooperative resolution that represented one of the largest child support awards against a well known artist in the state’s history.

Bringing such a legal action against such a famous person is nothing new for Attorney Runge. Attorney Runge has been involved with some very unique cases. While representing an "insider" in the President Clinton sex scandal, he was able to secure a considerable financial sum for his client's story of Presidential escapades. Attorney Runge's expertise was also sought in legal matters against billionaires, United States Military, local and state police departments, fire departments, prosecutors, large companies, and even individual U.S. states.

You can read more about this case involving Ted Nugent here:

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