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Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

The experienced car accident and motor vehicle accident Attorneys at FAMILYLEGAL have been achieving exceptional results for victims of motor vehicle accidents for over a decade. Whether you were injured in an accident involving a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian - we can help.

Traffic problems have increased as the population has grown, cities have become more congested and road construction has increased. Anyone who drives the areas many busy roadways knows that a car accident can happen in an instant, no matter how careful you are.


Preventable Motor Vehicle Accidents

Every ten seconds a car accident takes place on U.S. roadways. Over the course of a year, motor vehicle accidents injure hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Tragically, every thirteen minutes a person loses his or her life in a fatal car accident. Many of these accidents could have been prevented and often occur due to driver errors such as: inattention, talking on the phone, too many people in the car, changing the radio, reading while driving and numerous other causes.


Motor Vehicle Accidents Caused by Uninsured or Underinsured Drivers

Another major issue arises when you are injured in an accident caused by someone with no or insufficient insurance. Many states are no-fault insurance states. This means that your auto insurance policy may not entirely cover your medical treatment. Your personal injury lawyer must demand additional compensation from the at-fault driver, but almost one in five drivers does not carry auto insurance at all.  Without careful help from an experienced accident attorney, you could be facing expensive medical bills.


Experienced Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Attorneys

Motor vehicle accidents represent the majority of personal injury inquiries and cases that FAMILYLEGAL handles. Our experienced Personal Injury Attorneys have honed their skills in representing area drivers and have the experience and resources to be successful. We are known among defense lawyers and insurance companies as formidable opponents.


We handle cases involving, among other areas:


  • Car and motorcycle accidents

  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents

  • Motorcycle accidents

  • Truck and 18-wheeler accidents

  • Animal and dog attacks

  • Wrongful death

  • Premises liability

  • Slip and fall accidents


If you or a family member has suffered due to an auto accident, we want you to know that we are here to help.  Please Contact Us, so we can answer your questions about the types of injury compensation you may be able to make and explain who will pay the bills after a motor vehicle accident.

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