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Attorney Jeffrey A. Runge is the President and CEO of FAMILYLEGAL. He is an entrepreneur, and a recognized leader in the legal services industry. Having been raised by a single parent, Attorney Runge brings to the Firm an untiring work ethic, one that is reminiscent of a bygone era. He is a pioneer in making legal services more accessible to working-class individuals, staying true to a belief that everyone is entitled to quality legal representation when they need it.


Family Law 

As an experienced attorney, Jeffrey Runge knows what qualities are important in his professional area of legal practice.  Legal knowledge for sure, but also what he calls “intangible traits” that separate great lawyers from the pack.

“I believe my ability to communicate with others, and specifically my ability to have compassion for people, allows me to not only establish a great rapport with my clients, but also a relationship based on trust,” Runge says. “Those two qualities combined strengthen my ability to help clients through very difficult and emotional times.” 

Attorney Runge focuses his practice in the areas of Divorce & Family Law.  Both areas encompass some of the most difficult and emotional legal situations that individuals and families will ever face.  Currently, due to a number of factors, divorce is at all time high.  As families face one of the worst recessions and financial crises to hit the United States in decades, many are torn apart by sheer frustration and a feeling of helplessness.  Attorney Runge understands these situations and he is there to guide his clients through some of the darkest periods.


Indeed, such circumstances often require an understanding and compassionate attorney.  “Many of the individuals I meet with are facing the biggest problems you could imagine.  Their marriage is crumbling; there may be substance abuse, domestic violence, or infidelity.  These individuals need to know they are not alone.  I focus on establishing a partnership with my clients; we are a team and we fight together to accomplish their ultimate goals.”


A Realization Of A Dream

As a husband and Father, Attorney Runge understands the importance of family.  He understands the importance of cooperative parenting to nurture the children and to preserve the framework of a coherent family post divorce.  With this understanding, Attorney Runge typically approaches his clients’ legal objectives with appropriate advocacy techniques.  However, when needed, he can be a tough negotiator and litigator for his clients.  “knowing how to approach these sensitive situations takes years of experience.  You have to understand people, their motives, and how and when to react properly.  This is not something you learn in law school, nor is this something you can necessarily be taught.  You can only obtain this knowledge through years and years of experience in handling these types of cases.”


Stong Advocacy Saves The Day

Attorney Runge offers an initial Consultation at no charge.  He does this so individuals can meet with him to understand their options and determine if legal assistance is necessary.  Attorney Runge uses these Consultations to listen to the individual’s story, to identify their objectives, and, if necessary, to help them map out a legal strategy.  “Each client is different and each case is unique.  I take the time up-front to understand my clients’ position.  I sit with them at no charge initially to determine what is important to them in their particular case.  If they need an experienced advocate, I am there for them”, says Attorney Runge. 

He explains that, “each legal situation requires a different approach tailored to obtain my clients’ objectives.  I map out the strategy with my client so they feel comfortable with the direction and tone of the case.  I explain to my clients the need to develop an appropriate ‘tone’ depending upon the facts and circumstances of their case.”  Indeed, Attorney Runge understands how to use finesse to accomplish client goals without alienating the other party and creating an overly hostile environment when it is unnecessary. 


For Attorney Runge, the payback for his efforts is in the results he achieves for his clients.  “There is no better reward for my efforts than to have a happy client at the end of the case.  Whether it is getting my client custody of the child(ren), or possession of the marital home, or a greater share of the marital assets, nothing makes me more fulfilled professionally that to exceed my clients’ expectations.”     


The Start


Due to his proficiency in Family Law, Attorney Runge was appointed by the Governor of New Hampshire as Chairperson of a special Legislative Committee created to review the state's child support system. As a result of his efforts, serious gaps were identified, leading to the implementation of changes, and intended changes, in the system to protect adults and children affected by child support issues. Attorney Runge has also contributed to a number of other Legislative Committees relating to family law, divorce, child custody and child support. Additionally, he has participated in Legislative efforts to initiate new laws aimed at correcting unfair and unfavorable legal aspects of Family Law litigation.


As a trial lawyer, Attorney Runge has been involved with some very unique cases. While representing an "insider" in the President Clinton sex scandal, he was able to secure a considerable financial sum for his client's story of Presidential escapades. Attorney Runge's expertise was also sought when a young mother prepared to bring a paternity action against a well-known international rock star. In this case, Attorney Runge developed and implemented a strategy that allowed the woman to obtain a very favorable financial settlement without compromising her custodial rights or any time with the child. When it comes to protecting his clients' interests, Attorney Runge takes an aggressive stance. He has brought legal actions against billionaires, local and state police departments, fire departments, prosecutors, large companies, and even individual U.S. states.



Areas of Practice:

  • Divorce & Family Law


Bar Admissions:

  • Massachusetts Federal Bar Association

  • Massachusetts Bar Association

  • New Hampshire Bar Association

  • New Hampshire Federal Bar Association



Attorney Runge earned his B.S. from Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire in the area of International Business Administration. He earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, Massachusetts, where he was a member of their Law Review.  

Sandra A. Kuhn serves as FAMILYLEGAL's Vice President and Director of the Bankruptcy Practice Group. Having spent her early childhood years in hub of Southern New Jersey and South Philadelphia, Attorney Kuhn brings to the Firm an understanding and appreciation of cultural and ethnic diversity which she applies in her daily practice in tirelessly serving the needs to FAMILYLEGALs' clients.



Bankruptcy Law

While attending law school, Attorney Kuhn worked under the auspices of the United States Bankruptcy Court on the landmark bankruptcy case of In Re: Public Service Company of New Hampshire. While working at the Bankruptcy Court, Attorney Kuhn learned to appreciate the struggles faced by the working people in New Hampshire in a time of financial crisis as well as the challenges faced by the Court in administering justice. Subsequent to her graduation from Law School, Attorney Kuhn concentrated her practice primarily in the areas of bankruptcy and family law seeking to assist hard working individuals who, despite their best efforts, found themselves in a most unfortunate set of circumstances for which they needed effective, aggressive legal representation.


Attorney Kuhn become affiliated with FAMILYLEGAL in 2004 in an effort to lead the Bankruptcy Practice Group into becoming a strong legal contender in serving the needs of individuals across the country who are facing serious financial issues. Attorney Kuhn and the FAMILYLEGAL Bankruptcy Department have assisted THOUSANDS of people obtain relief from their crippling debt while at the same time protecting their assets. In fact, her team of Bankruptcy Attorneys have eliminated over $100 MILLION in debts for their clients.  


As the economy has declined, Attorney Kuhn and FAMILYLEGAL's Bankruptcy Team have worked tirelessly to provide guidance, understanding and dignity to our clients.  Attorney Kuhn's thoughts and insights have been featured on New Hampshire Public Television and WBZ as well as the Manchester Union Leader, the Concord Monitor and Applaud Magazine.


Personal Lessons Learned

Attorney Kuhn's commitment to hard work and dedication was fostered by her parents who were supportive of her career decisions and inspired her to realize her goals. Her father, a Navy veteran, always instilled upon her the need to work hard so as to become a leader in her chosen field. Her mother instilled upon her the need to advocate tirelessly for the needs of others who were unable to stand up for themselves. "I remember my father working sometimes two jobs to be able to make ends meat. Yet he and my mother always found time to spend with me to discuss current events, politics and the need to be self sufficient. They instilled upon me that to whom much is given financially emotionally and/or spiritually much is expected in the form of helping others".


With her parents' support, Attorney Kuhn attended the University of New Hampshire, completed an internship in Washington, D.C. and then attended Law School at Franklin Pierce Law Center. While attending Law School, Attorney Kuhn was hired by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Hampshire. There she learned from the wisdom and fairness of the Honorable James E. Yacos, the presiding Bankruptcy Judge at the time, who quickly became a role model for her. Attorney Kuhn marveled at the empathy of the Judge and the deep thought that went into his decisions. "The Court was a place that people could go when they need relief due to creditor harassment and they would be met with respect, dignity and fairness. Before I knew it, I loved it".


She began over 20-year legal career at Pancoast Professional Association in Concord, New Hampshire and then started Kuhn Professional Corporation, a law office with a concentration in bankruptcy and family law before she began her affiliation with FAMILYLEGAL in 2004.


Results Drive Approach

For most people, declaring Bankruptcy is the last thing they ever expected to do. But sometimes it is the only answer. If your bills are getting out of hand, if you can't pay your mortgage, you need to speak with someone that has experience and knowledge in this complex process called Bankruptcy. Having over 19 years of experience in the field of Bankruptcy Law helps Attorney Kuhn effectively assist the clients of FAMILYLEGAL. Experience makes all the difference.


Our Firm proves that filing for Bankruptcy can be the best choice to protect your assets and obtain relief from creditor harassment, lawsuits, foreclosures and repossessions. Relief begins immediately after the Bankruptcy Petition is filed with the Bankruptcy Court. After the Petition is filed, creditors can no longer proceed against a person that has sought relief from the Bankruptcy Court in the form of calls, letters and lawsuits. Repossessions and foreclosures are immediately stayed (stopped). Creditors can only proceed with repossession and/or foreclosure actions by seeking and obtaining permission from the Bankruptcy Court and that permission is granted only under limited circumstances.


A Bankruptcy can help you stay in your home. A Bankruptcy can help you keep your car. A Bankruptcy can clear your debt. In some instances a Bankruptcy can help you strip off an oppressive and completely unsecured second or third mortgage. Attorney Kuhn, and the Bankruptcy Department, can effectively help you in proceeding through the Bankruptcy process to conclusion and help you make the right decision for your particular situation.


Attorney Kuhn and the entire Bankruptcy Department at FAMILYLEGALhave become a recognized leader in the area of consumer bankruptcy. We will work hard to exceed your expectations.


Grateful Clients

"It is no secret that in this day and age, lawyers are not always portrayed in the most positive way. Many people have fueled the stereotype that lawyers are sneaky, conniving, and will do anything to win a case and earn a large sum. It is also no secret that in most cases, this stereotype is the furthest from the truth. Many lawyers make it their mission to help people the best they can, and many simply aspire to make a difference in their clients' lives. One of these lawyers is Sandy Kuhn.


During her 20+ years of practice, Attorney Kuhn has helped Thousands of individuals through the Bankruptcy process. Attorney Kuhn will meet with you, listen to your particular situation, outline your options and provide you with advice and guidance on what is best for you. When you file Bankruptcy with FAMILYLEGAL, Attorney Kuhn will work hard to advise you and assist you each step of the way. She will be fair and honest with you and will work hard to make a difference in your life.


Why You Should Hire Me

You work hard to support yourself and your family. You have tried to do everything right. You tried to pay your bills, but sometimes you can't. Sometimes it is just so overwhelming and a wave of helplessness rushes over you. If you can no longer keep your head above water due to a job loss, medical bills or high interest rate loans or credit cards, Bankruptcy may be a way to provide you with relief and a fresh start.


Attorney Kuhn is a highly experienced Attorney who will provide you with options and give you the best advice possible. She will not judge you. She will not make you feel bad. She understands that this is not your first choice but that it may be your only option. Attorney Kuhn is someone that you can trust. Areas of



  • Bankruptcy Law, Chapter 7 & Chapter 13

  • Family Law

  • Civil Litigation


Bar Admissions:

  • New Hampshire Bar Association

  • New Hampshire Federal Bar Association



Attorney Kuhn earned her B.A. from the University of New Hampshire and her J.D. from Franklin Pierce Law School in Concord, New Hampshire. As a result of her direction, FAMILYLEGAL has become the largest Bankruptcy Firm in the New England area. She is admitted to the State and Federal Bar in New Hampshire and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of New Hampshire. Attorney Kuhn is a Member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) and the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI).


Professional Associations and Memberships

  • New Hampshire Bar Association

  • Nation Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA)

  • American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI)



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