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Absolutely great attorney!
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I recently had attorney Runge as my counsel in a court case that I was going through. He was always there and got right to the point of the facts and was always on top of the game. He will be recommended by me to anyone who needs his help in a case.

Child Custody, Divorce Attorney.
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Atty. Runge did a divorce twice for me and I was more than satisfied with his work. He was very professional and kept everything moving along quite well. I would hire him again and recommend any one else to hire him if they need a great Child and Family Attorney....

GREAT Attorney!!
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Little over a year ago I was in search of a divorce lawyer, not knowing anyone I began my search by reading reviews online, Jeff's name constantly kept coming up in my search. He had great reviews as well. I called to make an appointment, he heard my case and shared his opinion, also suggested if I decided to pursue he would be more than willing to help me.

I tried my best to work things out and avoid the inevitable but could not. Jeff prepared my case with clinical precision, he was up to date in every meeting/hearing, geared with details and impressed me with his knowledge and expertise. The other party and her fancy lawyer presented unexpected hurdles at a number of occasions, Jeff prepared his responses every time with facts and proof that could not be ignored by the court. He always walked into the meetings/court with cataloged documents just in case if we needed to present them.

In the end, the truth prevailed, almost all of the decisions sanctioned by the court were in our favor.

Jeff was very professional, courteous and pro-active in his conduct. I would recommend him and his team to anyone looking for a trustworthy and result driven attorney.

Highly Recommended!
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Jeff handled my recent divorce. He was outstanding to deal with and personally understood all aspects of my case. Many Attorney's will delicate various tasks to a Paralegal or Admin but Jeff does not. He took ownership of my case, provided great consultation when needed and ALWAYS communicated in a timely manner whenever I had a question or concern.

Awesome Family Lawyer
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REALLY GOOD LAWYER HERE! Helped me with my divorce like it was his personal case. Highly recommend him for family issues even if they are complex. I moved to another State (far from NH) and he was always there on top of everything making things work for my end and very responsive to my questions and worries. Don't look forward this is your guy!

Simply The Best...
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I have worked with a number of attorneys in my life so I know a good one from a bad one. And, Attorney Runge is the best I have worked with or seen. I don't want to get into the specifics of my case, but I will say that he is everything that you would want and expect in an attorney. He worked directly with me of every aspect of my case and handled everything perfectly.

Excellent, Professional and Extremely Knowledgable Attorney
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Attorney Runge Is a Excellent, Professional and Extremely Knowledgeable Attorney. I have used his services on two occasions for a change in custody and most recently a child support revision. He is extremely confident and knowledgeable of the laws and it shows when he is in the courtroom. He took the extreme stress from me when going to court. I have always felt very confident in having him in my corner and he has always come through for me with his knowledge and straight forward approach to the situations at hand.
If you are looking for a lawyer I definitely highly recommend you using Attorney Runge he’s the best around!

Best in the Business
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If your back is against the wall Jeff Runge will find a way out for you. His long term track record speaks for itself and years and years of legal knowledge shine through in every situation. I would consider Jeff Runge to be the best Lawyer in his field. He will truly go down as one of the great's. Hire him ( pray he takes your case) then sit back and watch him go to work.

We Would Highly Recommend Attorney Jeffrey Runge. He Is A Star!
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My wife and I hired Attorney Jeffrey Runge when we were facing foreclosure of our home in Massachusetts. Attorney Runge is the President of a very large law firm - but he met with us personally. He spend considerable time with us listening to our story and explaining our options and the process. He even gave us his personal cell phone number so we could reach him at any time - we thought this was very professional. He was always very responsive to our questions and concerns. He was very knowledgeable and professional. We have recommended him to others because we were so happy. And, he made it so we could keep our house.

Very Caring Attorney
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Contacted Jeff because I knew of his work on behalf of Father's rights and shared parenting in New Hampshire. I knew my divorce would be very combative, especially over custody and parenting time of our children. And, I was not wrong. My wife hired a complete dirt bag attorney who made all kinds of false allegations about me. However, Jeff was extremely pro-active in how he handled these outrageous attacks. In the end, Jeff work very hard to expose the lies and get the truth before the court. The court believed Jeff and the representations that he made. You could see that the court even had confidence in how he practiced his profession. Jeff was able to secure a very favorable outcome in my divorce, and I have equal parenting time and pay no child support or alimony. Very happy with the results.

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Jeff and his team are simply the best! I contacted FAMILYLEGAL about two years ago for a Divorce. I was immediately scheduled to meet with Jeff. As soon as I met him I knew I had picked the right attorney. He knew exactly what to do and explained our plan of action. His rates were reasonable and well worth the amount of effort he put into my case. Unlike the horror stories I hear about clients not being able to reach their attorney - there was never an issue getting direct access to Jeff. I had his cell phone, office phone, and email. And, he answered his own phone when I called. I feel like there are capable attorney in life that simply exceed your expectations - and there are idiots. Jeff is capable, caring, and absolutely exceeded my expectations. Even my ex-wife said that she wished she had hired Jeff to represent her in our divorce.

My experience with Attorney Jeffrey Runge and his firm Family Legal
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I know attorney Jeff Runge since 2006. Attorney Runge and his attorneys are excellent attorneys. Attorney Runge and his firm, Family Legal represent clients with utmost care. Attorney Runge and his other attorneys are very friendly, reliable, knowledgeable, quick, and diligent. Attorney Runge's firm is not just a typical firm; it is a firm whose attorneys truly care about their clients. Attorney Runge and his team have the knowledge and skills as well as compassion to help their clients. I was treated like a family by attorney Runge and his firm, Family Legal. Attorney Runge's fee is very reasonable and affordable, and the result is great. I highly recommend attorney Runge and his law firm, Family Legal, who need legal service in bankruptcy, divorce, personal injury, and criminal matters. You will be very pleased.

Top Notch Attorney
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Hired Jeff to represent me in my divorce. After 15 years of marriage I faced losing everything: kids, money, house, personal possessions, my mind - all because my wife wanted a "change". Jeff was recommended to me by a co-worker who had worked with him. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer. He was everything that you want: experienced, tough, prepared - and he was accessible throughout the entire process. I called and emailed him all the time - probably way too much - but Jeff always took my call, returned my call, and responded to my email. It was a battle, but I am very happy with the results. Thank you.

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Jeff is a shark - and I mean that in the best way possible. He dosen't just "wing it". He lays out a strategy from the very first meeting. He wants to know what's important to each side. What everyone's personalities are like. He just gets into the other side's head like crazy. I hired Jeff to handle my divorce and he just crushed my husband's attorney at every turn and at every Hearing. I could not imagine hiring a better attorney. When it all started I was scared and my husband was threatening to take our kids away from me and that he would leave me broke and homeless. Well, things did not work out that way for him. I got the house, the kids, the two dogs (both his), the better car, the snow mobile, huge child support, and ALIMONY! hahaha. I win! Thank you Jeff...really.

A Great Lawyer!
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Attorney Runge did a fantastic job representing me. He left no stone unturned. He did a very thorough job and guided me through the entire divorce. He didn't get upset with my many calls and e-mails like I heard some other attorneys do. He did a great job for me and we obtained a great result. I would definitely recommend him.

Very Good Divorce Attorney
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Worked with Jeff over the past two years on my divorce case. He was great and impressed me at every turn. I had his direct number and could reach him at any time - which I liked. He was very pro-active on the issues. In the end, the case went to trial and he did a great job. I wouldn't ever work with anyone else. Thank you Jeff.

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