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Dog And Animal Attack Attorneys


There are millions of pet owners in the United States, and as an owner of an animal, the person has a responsibility to ensure that the animal, whether it be a dog, cat, horse or other, is safe to be around other people and children. At FAMILYLEGAL, our experienced Dog and Animal Attack Attorneys have the necessary skills to help you in your case.


Unfortunately, domestic animal attacks are on the rise in the United States. That cute little puppy, if improperly trained, can grow up to be a vicious biting dog. These untrained animals are a danger to any person in the neighborhood who has the misfortune to confront such an animal. In the case of children, it is particularly dangerous due to the height of their bodies resulting in many facial bites when attacked by a vicious biting dog. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog or other animal, it is critical that you immediately contact an attorney to protect your rights and advance your interests.


A dog and/or animal owner is responsible for the actions of their pet and can be sued for the damages inflicted in a dog or animal bite/attack case. In any such case, it is important to try and get the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witness to the attack as well as the dog owner's details. Of primary concern is medical attention in any dog or animal bite/attack case, as without treatment it is possible that serious infections could set in.



You can do many things to keep you, your children and your family safe from Dog and Animal Attacks, but sometimes the dog or other animal has been improperly socialized, treated poorly or sometimes it's just a freak occurrence. You should not have to bear the expenses of a Dog or Animal Attack injury just because someone else has been negligent in their care or upbringing of their pet. Please don't wait to contact one of the experienced Dog and Animal Attack Attorney at FAMILYLEGAL.


Did You Know?


  • A chained dog is more likely to attack and bite than an unchained dog.

  • Rottweilers and pit bulls are the breeds most often involved in canine-inflicted homicides.

  • Over 1000 people go to the emergency room for dog bite injuries every day in the United States.

  • Children have a much higher chance of being bitten by a dog than adults.

  • Over 75% of dog bites occur with a dog belonging to a family member or friend.

  • Over 40,000 facial injuries resulting from dog bites occur each year in the United States.


If you or a family member has suffered due to a Dog or Animal Attack, we want you to know that we are here to help. Please Contact Us today. We can answer your questions about the types of injury compensation you may be able to make and explain who will pay the bills after such an attack.

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