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Family Legal Services, P.C. continues to provide free phone consultations to those seeking help with family law and divorce cases.

And, although our Law Firm remains open to their existing and new clients, we are continuing to offer legal consultations by phone or Zoom for those who do not feel comfortable coming into the office. To get more details, and contact and Attorney, just visit our website at

When reviewing the website, you can see that our Attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience handling divorce & family law cases. Our law firm has been catering to the specific legal needs of people living throughout New Hampshire for decades.

Our attorneys focus their practice in the area of New Hampshire divorce & family law. We are extremely knowledgeable about the pertinent laws, practices, strategies, and we are well-versed on how the Family Law Courts operate. We work with our clients, as a team, and ensure that our clients are kept in the loop about legal matters and developments on their case which has helped them win the trust and loyalty of our clients.

The experienced attorneys at Family Legal Services, P.C. are capable of handling cases related to family law, divorce, child custody, child support, contempt and modification, and more with the utmost sensitivity and care. Whether it’s a parenting dispute, modification of current court orders, or divorce, our attorneys can help the client understand their options and find the right solution for their case.

If you find yourself facing Divorce or Family Law issued in New Hampshire, please reach out to an Attorney who focuses their practice in the area of Divorce & Family Law.

To contact a New Hampshire Divorce & Family Law Attorney, please CLICK HERE or Call (603) 225-1114. Contact Information: Jeffrey A. Runge, Esquire Family Legal Services, P.C. Bio: CLICK HERE AVVO: CLICK HERE Direct Telephone: (603) 225-1135 Email: Website:

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